Nationality: I am an American melting pot consisting of 50% English, 25% Scottish, and 25% Chikamaka Cherokee Indian. The Chikamaka Indians, of which my grandmother was full blooded, were taught to deny their heritage and not pass down their traditions. Their success in remaining hidden came at the cost of never mentioning outside of family (clan) who they were, never sharing in national Native American concerns and never reaping the few benefits of being Native American. Remaining hidden in small isolated communities helped the Chikamakas retain their lands, since according to the Federal Government and historians they were all dead. Later government programs like Urban Relocation did not affect them at all as they were not a federally recognized tribe, nor were state or regional officials able to enforce these rulings on Indians they did not know about.  My son and daughter are 12.5% Chikamaka Cherokee Indian and 25% Apache Indian registered with Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation near Pecos in New Mexico. I know a lot about my tribal roots, my childrens’ tribal roots in addition to my English and Scottish lineage. I am proud of my heritage, and proud to claim ancestry to the second signer of the Declaration of Independence, Josiah Bartlet.


     Cultural: I have lived in several different areas of the United States and Italy. I have traveled through the United States, Germany, Canada, Switzerland and Italy. My diverse cultural experiences would greatly benefit a University that was concerned about the diversity training for their students.    


     Foreign Language Skills: I have practiced German, Spanish and French but speak and understand Italian the best from having lived in Naples, Italy.