I am seeking a position in the Education Department as a Professor of Mathematics Education. I feel I could make many contributions to higher education institutions the following ways:

     I have been a full time faculty member at the State University of New York College at Potsdam for the past year teaching mathematics methods courses as well as numerous other graduate and undergraduate education courses.

      I model life long learning. I have a C.A.S. degree as well as two Masters Degrees that apply to the field of education. The first is in Teaching Mathematics and the second is in Administration.

      My Bachelors degree is in Computer Studies, I have taught computer courses as well as mathematics courses. I am extremely technologically literate and enjoy keeping abreast of the latest in the field. For samples of my work visit my web site at http://kennedyweb.org

      I have been an adjunct faculty member for the last seven years and have taught education courses for secondary school teacher preparation. I have experience in the education of teachers from both a liberal arts perspective as well as a professional preparation perspective. I have designed my methods course with a literacy development component for student teachers to accomplish in their classrooms. I have received excellent feedback on course evaluations from students in each of the courses that I teach at St. Lawrence University as well as from students who have taken my adult education classes at SUNY at Potsdam.

      I have eleven years of teaching under the New York State curriculum for mathematics, computer science and business as well as two years of teaching under the Colorado State curriculum for mathematics and computer science.

      I am a consultant teacher and I have created and implemented curriculum development workshops for teachers in St. Lawrence County, Jefferson County, Franklin County and Lewis County. I have received tremendous feedback from workshop participants who have requested that I conduct the workshops for other teachers as far away as Erie County.

      I am well trained in cognitive coaching and mentoring methods. My training has allowed me to serve as a mentor to new teachers and student teachers.

      I have had extensive training in unit writing, teaching methods, peer review facilitation and the use of manipulatives in the classroom.

      I was a computer programmer for the United States Air Force and have lived/traveled all over the U.S. and Europe. I lived in Italy for a number of years.  My variety of cultural experiences, my reverence of my own Indian heritage, and the mere fact that I am a female mathematics instructor can also be a benefit to the goal of encouraging diversity in your faculty, students and curriculum.

      I am a parent of three children and a certified foster parent. I love children and have been able to develop meaningful life long relationships with students.  I have an open door policy and many of my students utilize it for many reasons; help with essays, help with technology, advice and conversation.


If you have an opening for a professional with my qualifications, I am available for a personal interview.  I am looking forward exploring the contributions I may be able to make.


Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.





Donna H. Kennedy