Constructivist Practices


First:   A. Individuals go to Constructivist Tool for Learning, there is a menu of tools and software that can be used in constructivist classrooms. Investigate twelve options and present them to the class three at a time.

            B. Individuals go to Constructivist Techniques. You are to choose any one of the given techniques and research the effectiveness of the techniques. Relate the role this technique plays in or with constructivist theory. Give three sample lessons using the technique, and present the technique to the class (positives, negatives, why use it, how to use it, where to find more information.)

Second:  groups investigate and present back to the class on one of the following :

1)America's Choice

2)Project Zero: Harvard School of Education

3) The ACOT Program ( Apple Classroom of Tomorrow) 

4) The Kellogg Classroom of Tomorrow (KCOT)


6) Twenty-First Century Grant

7) CES Small Schools Project

8) The Institute for Learning Centered Education

Third: present them to the rest of the class with a written analysis to us.



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