EDUC/EDPS/EDAD 504A, Technology Applications in Schools

Donna Kennedy, Instructor (DHKENNEDY@TWCNY.RR.COM, 315-386-1050

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"An exploration of new developments in technology germane to application in educational settings.  The course will focus on the infusion of new technologies into the work of teachers, counselors, and school administrators, providing students with opportunities to individualize their learning in optimal ways.  Topics can include technology evaluation, curriculum development, assessment strategies, and administrative uses of technology in the schools." (SLU Grad. Catalog)

From the instructor: This course will model educational strategies supported by current research - which means it will be student - centered, will involve collaborative learning, peer assessments, and will challenge you to use technology in new, effective ways in your office or classroom. The first hour of each class will involve instructional activities, the remainder of the time will be for independent work on projects and individualized instruction/conferencing.

Each of you will design technology supported activities to use in your own classroom or office - things that will enhance your students or colleagues levels of achievement, meet New York State Educational Standards, and contribute something positive to the environment where you work. The number of activities or products you create will depend upon the complexity of your ideas - but you will be expected to work on these during class time as well as during the week.

Software: IT informed me that FrontPage is installed in the three labs in ODY, Madill 222 and Whitman 169, Madill and Whitman are both open 24 hours. There is a computer with a scanner and Photoshop 6 installed on it in Madill 222. and Photoshop 6 is installed on the 5 Video editing stations in Madill 222 which have video import and export capabilities and DVD burners and all new computers have CD burners installed.

The Final Project - create a product that will "teach" someone else how to produce one of the technology supported projects you designed. Brochure, instruction booklet, web site, PowerPoint, videotape, etc. NO EXAM. More on this later.

Textbook: None required. But people with certain "learning styles" really like to have a text as a resource, so I will bring some examples to class and if you want to obtain a copy, that will be your choice. Here are some to look over online:

Teaching with Technology Trends & 
Issues in
Design and Technology
Integrating Educational Technology The Computer
as an 
Media and
for Learning

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