Read the Phinork description out loud to your partner. Your partner will draw the Phinork as best as s/he can.

The Phinork 

The Phinork is a rare bird that lives within a 20-mile radius of the Australian shore. The Phinork breeds in mixed woodlands bordering water and shrubs, yet it nests in tree 20' from the ground.  The nests are made mostly of wool found in nearby fabric factories. It is quite easy to spot a nest high in the scantly clad trees. The Phinork eggs are fairly large with female eggs being twice the size of male eggs and coated with red and green spots.  While the male eggs have only one single blue line running from the top of the oval to the bottom and back around again.  The giant kelp beds and rocky coasts of Australia are home not only to playful Sea Otters, but also to a host of wintering Phinorks.  These Phinorks spread their great pinions over the nutrient-laden dwellings. Their wingspan is something to awe over.  At six feet from tip to tip, their nearly naked wings carry them the distance to the shore with little trouble.  Their hooked beak helps the Phinork to tear open its lively sea catch-of-the-day and share it with their young. Even though the Phinorks body is roughly the size of a turkey with a feather duster hat perched high on its’ head, the Phinork is a stately bird.  You just look at them and know they require respect and then you think…. they actually deserve it.