Odyssey Day Care will be closed the following dates: (Please make other arrangements as needed.)


Thanksgiving Break:       November 26, 27, 28

Winter Break:          December 22 – January 2

Memorial Day:                                       May 25

Summer Break:                               July 20 - 24


According to Odyssey’s contract, each family is allowed 4 weeks of unpaid daycare; (2 during the summer, 2 during the winter.) This was a problem last year because some families wanted 4 weeks during the summer. As a business, Odyssey cannot afford to pay for the excellent care our children receive if Odyssey does not earn revenue. Please think about which weeks you would like to take off and turn in a calendar with this information so that we can plan our work schedule.



Odyssey School Calendar

Special points of interest:

Odyssey had a wonderful trip to the Fire Department over the summer. The children loved it and still talk about getting on the fire trucks. We hope to do it again sometime in October.

It is nice for the kids to have rain boots. The season is coming and we still like to take walks if it is just a drizzle.

Please remember extra clothes for dirty days!


Healthy Eating

Welcome Back Metcalfs and Chois

Welcome First Timers:

Petroccioni’s and Mannise’s


Odyssey Day Care News

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Volume 1, Issue 1


We missed you over the summer Molly, Lizzie and Sarah! Glad to have you back.

Last pick up is at 5:15! Please do not be late. If you cannot be here on time please make arrangements with someone who can. Sarah and Becca both have other jobs that they have to leave to get to and would appreciate the consideration. Thanks a ton!



Celery Boats

Apples and Peanut Butter

Bananas are a big hit


We are okay with heating up lunches, please try to make it as easy as possible.