Graphic Orgainizers:


This was not, by far, the first site I went to, but it's one I've liked so far in that it gives all the "typical" samples I'm seeing on other sites (fishbone, spider, etc) but it gives suggestions for what you would use that particular organizer for.  It also, primarily, offers an argument for the use of the GOs too.  Not that I'm skeptical, I like working with them personally and think they are wonderful tools, especially for students who are spatial (the Cake Paragraph Format GO shows how you start from one idea and work to expand it) but I'm approaching this assignment thoughtfully, not creatively.  I hope to read on the pros and cons and where a GO works best and not so good..... that gives me the ability to learn.

This site has more of a rubric for students like me, learning to implement/design GOs, but is very helpful in that respect.  It has a table on page 2 which shows criteria for what makes a good GO or a bad one, based on what you're trying to teach/accomplish. It also has a list of sites which provide more GO downloads and resources for teachers where one could buy a book of them.  *Note: A couple links were "old" in that, the site had shut down.

I include this only because I love Scholastic as a rule.  They provide such good material, and consistently, to my family, for a great price.  They have books for teachers, that are rated by age groups, available to buy for around $11.00 but this page has downloads available for instant GOs.