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Concerns that have been expressed by mentor teachers:

1. the student not taking responsibility for contacting the mentor teacher to introduce him/herself and to arrange an observation schedule

2. arriving at the school dressed unprofessionally and then questioning why their attire is not appropriate when it is mentioned to them

3. not adhering to the observation schedule that has been agreed to and not informing the mentor if he/she will not be in attendance on an agreed upon day - sometimes the mentor has agreed to allow the student to teach a class on a certain day and the student does not arrive to teach the class

4. lacking content knowledge to be an effective teacher

5. being too friendly with the students and not conveying the teacher image that is needed to be effective

6. arriving late and leaving early and not showing any real concern for this lack of professionalism

Once a mentor has an unacceptable experience with one of our students, the word begins to circulate among the faculty at that school and at others as well. Because the faculty does not wish to have a similar experience, the faculty makes a conscious decision not to accept a student who needs to complete observation hours.

Fortunately, Potsdam has a great reputation and many local teachers have graduated from Potsdam, and they are still willing to allow observations.

Exhibiting a professional attitude as students complete their field experiences will demonstrate to the mentors and to the districts that the students from Potsdam are dedicated to becoming effective teachers. This will go a long way towards insuring that the next pre-student teachers from Potsdam are welcomed by the districts because the good experiences from one semester will carry over to the ensuing semesters. It will create a good ripple effect.