GRED 569 Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools

 Teaching Mathematics in Secondary School is a course designed to prepare students to teach mathematical concepts and skills in grades 7-12.  The course is aimed at developing knowledge and understanding of current trends in mathematics education with a particular focus on the middle and secondary school (grades 7-12) mathematics instruction.  Drawing on recent research and the NCTM and New York State standards, pre-service teachers will learn how to help students in middle and secondary schools develop their mathematics skills and abilities through understanding and practice. A particular focus of this course will be on theories of student learning, teaching strategies, classroom management and assessment.  Students will be introduced to current issues in mathematics education and will be expected to develop a personal philosophy of teaching and learning mathematics.  They will learn to develop lessons that meet the New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, address the needs of diverse learners, and make appropriate use of technology.  A practicum in local secondary schools will provide students an opportunity to experience and participate in the school mathematics environment and to apply the concepts learned.


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