Mail Merge Labs

You use mail merge when you want to create a set of documents that are essentially the same but where each document contains unique elements.

Using mail merge, you can create:

Mail Merge Tutorial

Example:        Birthday.xls        Letter to Birthday Boy/Girl


A. In the Excel Gradebook that you have already created:

1. Create a second worksheet with the following information for each student (at least ten students):

       The student's number

       Student's first name

       Last name

       Guardian's First Name

       Guardian's Last Name

        Street address



        Zip code

        At least one other field that would be useful, such as, an interesting fact about the student.


B. In Word, create a letter "Letter_Home" to the guardian(s) of each student. The letter should contain the students Homework Average, Quiz Average, Test Average, and Final Average, as well as a nice fact about the student. The letter should be professional, properly addressed, dated, salutations...


C. Connect your letter to your Gradebook data file.


D. Insert appropriate fields to the letter.


E. Preview the merge and then complete it.


F. Your final product should be 10 letters (one to each guardian), one letter_home form letter, one gradebook with two worksheet (one with grades, one with guardian info.)


G. Update your link on your webpage to your Gradebook, create a link to your form letter Letter_Home, and print off two of the completed letters to hand in.