Heuvelton Team America Rocket Challenge

Rocket Construction/Launch

Advisor; Robert Kennedy  
Nicole Cougler  
Andrew Nichols  
Steve Montroy  
Tabatha Lalonde  







Heuvelton Team America Rocket Challenge - 2004

 In celebration of 100 years of flight Aerospace Industries Association along with the National Association of Rocketry have created the Team America Rocket Challenge. High school students around the country were asked to design from scratch, build and test a two stage model rocket that could fly as close to 1250 feet as possible. The rocket must carry a payload of two raw eggs, and then parachute the eggs back to Earth unbroken. Nearly 700 teams and 9,000 students from across the nation attempted to meet these very rigorous requirements. Only the top 100 teams will compete at the finals in Manassas Va.


Lift off of "gamete hauler VII" with all engines running

Qualification flight #2 on Saturday May 15th at 5:10 PM

Perfect boost and staging - altitude 1345

No egg damage

The team would like to give a special thanks to two National Association of Rocketry members, John Demars NAR#52094 of Syracuse University and John Cosores NAR#80675 of Brasher Falls NY.

John Demars is a electrical engineering professor at Syracuse University. John is an NAR mentor and he made himself available to answer a tremendous number of questions while also providing us with a great deal of moral support. He made a trip all the way from Syracuse to Heuvelton NY to officiate our first qualifying attempt and he gave us an awesome demonstration of High powered rocketry.

John Cosores lives in Brasher falls NY. At the very last minute John and his family traveled to Heuvelton to officiate our final qualification attempt. Had he been unable to do so, the team would have had to travel to Syracuse and lose our home field advantage. Thanks to John we were able to launch at the Pierce farm in Heuvelton and qualify for a trip to the National finals in Manassas Va.

Thanks again to both of you!!